Herpes Dating Atlanta

Herpes Dating Atlanta

Herpes Dating Atlanta – High Herpes Rate Found in Metro Atlanta

Do you live in Atlanta? A recent study showed that more than one-third of participants surveyed in suburban Atlanta tested positive for the virus that causes genital herpes. Atlanta STD rates have skyrocketed. Georgia ranks in top 10 for highest STD rates in country

Were you recently diagnosed with herpes? While Atlanta is a fairly progressive city compared to other Southern offerings, there is still a lot of ignorance everywhere when it comes to herpes. People may buy into a lot of the myths and ridiculous notions about the infection, and this might make you feel like you’re “dirty” or otherwise not deserving of a good person to date. Subconsciously, you might find yourself making rash decisions or dating someone who is beneath your standards simply because you feel like your options are limited.

The truth is that in a decent-sized city like Atlanta, you actually have plenty of options. Herpes certainly doesn’t have to be the end of the world, and you can actually skip a lot of the drama by dating people who have the virus as well. This helps in a few ways:

– You don’t have to worry about infecting anyone “new.”

If someone already has the virus, obviously you can’t infect them again, so you don’t have to live with that paranoia. Still, it’s best to use safer sex practices because there are more (and much worse) infections out there than just herpes!

– You don’t have to worry about the other person judging you.

Let’s face it: people in this world are judgmental. You’re probably at least somewhat judgmental yourself. Maybe you even judged people who had herpes before you were diagnosed and you suddenly realized that it can literally happen to anyone who is sexually active.

If you date someone who also has herpes, you don’t have to deal with all of the ignorance and your partner is likely to be much more understanding.

– You won’t be tempted to keep secrets.

We’re all human. Sometimes we think that we can hide a problem by just pretending that it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, when it comes to sexually-transmitted diseases, secrets can cause other people ti become infected. It is much better to be honest. When you are dating someone else who has herpes, there is no reason to want to keep your herpes status a secret from them since they’re unlikely to freak out about it anyway.

Herpes Dating Atlanta: Herpes Dating Sites

Now, where do you find these other people in Atlanta who have herpes and might be a good match for you? Well, that’s actually pretty easy, too: Positivesingles.com is a great place to meet that special someone. It’s a place where you can be yourself and forget about all the games.

Herpes Dating Tips

All relationships are difficult but dating with herpes or any STD can even be more challenging.

If you have herpes or other STDs, you can meet other singles and friends who have went through the same problem in your city. You can join some local herpes support groups or some herpes dating sites. Internet Sites like Positive Singles or support groups can be great places to meet with other herpes people who already know what you’re going through. You are not alone anymore!